Health department opens investigation into New Woman All Women clinic

Reverend Terry Gensemer of CEC for Life. (

"This clinic is just blatant(ly) saying to the legislature, to the people of Alabama, to the women of Alabama, that we don't care what your regulations say we are going to do whatever we want,' said{}Reverend{}Terry Gensemer of CEC for Life.{}

Even as Pro-Life advocates voiced concern at a news conference Tuesday Morning, the Alabama Department of Public Health released a statement of its own. {}The department will investigate claims that New Woman All Women Healthcare Clinic is performing abortions without a license. {}The healthcare center surrendered its license last year after an investigation by the Alabama Department of Public Health documented problems inside of the facility.{}Two women overdosed on an drug meant to limit blood loss.{}"Abortion advocates claim to support protecting women but turn a blind eye when it comes to the heinous practices like New Woman all Women," said a student from the University of Alabama.{}Pro-life groups like CEC for Life, Operation Rescue, Priests for Life, and others made repeated inquiries to the health department about New Woman All Women.{}"We will not rest until this facility is shutdown for good," said Garrett Vande Kamp, a Junior from Samford University in Birmingham. {}We did go inside of the healthcare facility. {}Two attendants declined to answer any questions but did say they would pass our questions onto management. {} We have yet to hear from anyone associated with the center.{}