Health officers are no longer investigating South Haven Health & Rehab

Workers with the Alabama Department of Public Health have closed the investigation at South Haven Health and Rehab. Hoover police arrested one of the nursing home's former caregivers. Taneka Hopkins is charged with elderly abuse. ABC 33/40 learned more employees were linked to the abuse of an 80-year-old patient.A doctor with the Alabama Department of Public Health revealed three caregivers were caught on camera acting inappropriately in a patient's room at South Haven Health and Rehab.The nursing home's staff suspended all three, but fired one. The doctor confirms one was Hopkins. Hoover police arrested Hopkins earlier this month."Sadly, this employee did slap this patient numerous times and manhandle him," said Hoover Police Captain Gregg Rector.The patient is an 80-year-old man living with Alzheimer's and Dementia who is bed-ridden. His daughter alerted the health department.ABC 33/40 discovered staff at the nursing home watched hours of video recorded with a camera hidden in a clock. A police investigator hinted at the evidence during our first report on the abuse claim."There was visual evidence that will help us what this employee did," added Capt. Rector.The doctor at the health department confirmed the man's daughter put the camera there.Nursing homes are required to investigate and send a final report to the state health department within five days of receiving a complaint. The health department says South Haven Health and Rehab managers completed their investigation well before the deadline.The health department told ABC 33/40 that nursing home managers re-trained all employees after ending their investigation. The staff also interviewed the people living there.The South Haven Health & Rehab Administrator, Ken Holmes, released the following statement for our initial report:

"South Haven Health and Rehabilitation, LLC upon notification of this issue immediately terminated the individual involved and is cooperating fully with the police investigation as well as with the family in resolving this matter.{} South Haven demands the ultimate level of respect and professional treatment from those who care for our residents.{} All facility staff and care-givers are trained to provide the individualized care each resident needs and deserves."