Healthy holiday meal tips

Before you fire up the stove this Christmas, here are some healthy tips and alternatives for your traditional holiday meal.


- Use no-fat Greek yogurt instead of sour cream in your mashed potatoes.

- You can also cut the amount of potatoes you use in half and make up the difference with cauliflower.

- If you're making stuffing, use egg whites instead of whole eggs.

- Use whole grain bread in your stuffing.

- Throw in some dried cranberries and celery in your stuffing for added vitamins and minerals.

- Remember apple sauce can replace eggs, or even oil when you're baking.

- Avoid gravy, bread and butter, and don't add whipped cream to your dessert.

- Try to get as much color on your plate as possible. By doing so, you are almost guaranteed to have lots of vegetables and fruit.


These tips can help you to cut some calories during the holidays. Remember, the small things you add to your plate that are high in sugar and fat can make a big difference by packing on the pounds.