Hearing Expected Today for Harvey Updyke

A judge has scheduled a hearing to determine the mental competency of the University of Alabama fan charged with poisoning Auburn University's oak trees at Toomer's Corner.{}{} {}Harvey Updyke is due in court today in Opelika. A Lee County judge is set to consider expert reviews of Updyke's mental condition.{}{} {}The 64-year-old is awaiting trial on criminal mischief and other charges alleging he spiked the Toomer's Corner oaks with a strong herbicide almost two years ago. The trees are nearly dead, and university officials already are considering plans to replace them.{}{} {}Updyke says he is not guilty and could use an insanity defense. He was evaluated at a state-run mental health facility in Tuscaloosa.{}{} {}Updyke is under the care of a daughter in Louisiana following his release.