Heating business seeing increase in service calls

Brandon Crepps with Standard Heating and Air Conditioning Co. is staying busy to help you stay warm.

"We're real busy right now," Porter Hutto said.

Hutto says with the temps in the 20s, the teens and possibly the single digits next week, service calls have more than doubled in the past couple days.

"When this type of weather hits, it's hard to keep up," he said.

Hutto has 15 service technicians on calls for things like no heat, the burner light goes out and frozen pipes. But while some people call on him for help, others, like Dywane Griner, look to fix problems on their own.

"I came to buy a space heater," Griner said. "The weather doesn't get that cold in Alabama often, so things don't get tested...those extra pipes and stuff. And when they do, it puts people on the run."

The Lowe's on Valleydale Road, Friday, says 40 space heaters were sold in about 24 hours.

Crepps says many of the problems that he sees are avoidable. But, because proper maintenance is not often enforced, it puts more stress on appliances like furnaces and pipes.

"If they had just changed their filter, or cleaned a drain, or something like that...we wouldn't be there," Crepps said.