Setbacks can't stop a Heflin Police Officer's road to recovery

Heflin Police Officer, Jackie Stovall, says pain and setbacks can't stop him in his emotional road to recovery.

He was shot in the line of duty, but he says he's not giving up.

Officer Stovall's long journey began on Leon Smith Parkway. A murder suspect shot him in the intersection following a chase.

Law enforcement officers kept him alive until help arrived. 15 months and 8 surgeries later, Stovall is hoping to get back on his feet.

"After I got hit and fell to the ground, I could see him walking around and he was just looking at people in the intersection."

The memories, he can't shake and the pain, too much to take.

Wanda Stovall says, "After every surgery, it always hurt, but it's never been anything like this last surgery."

Stovall says, "I told here that if I had to go through this again then I would rather lose my leg than go through this again. I know that's not true it's just the way I felt because it was so bad."

Stovall just had 44 staples removed from his right thigh following his 8th surgery to fix a broken plate.

"I feel like I'm starting over again."

The man honored as a hero trying to capture a murder suspect, never thought healing would take this long.. he reflects on what he could have done differently, but all thoughts come back to this.

"Nobody else got hurt that was the goal, I'm alive, that was the next goal and he's not here, so everything we did worked out."

He begins more physical therapy next week. His family is his strongest support.

Wanda says, "Everything happens for a reason and it's not our place to question it, we just go with it."

The best medicine, the thought of betting back to work and despite surgery and pain, Stovall says he would risk his life again to save another.

"The good Lord gave me life and I appreciate it more."

Stovall hopes to stand and walk on his own by August in time to see his son's high school football game and return to work as the Heflin Police Department's Assistant Chief. We'll continue to follow this story.

The murder suspect was shot and killed by officers in the Coldwater Area.

The situation has also affected the family financially.{}A motorcycle ride will take place May 24th to help them move forward until Stovall can return to work.