Helena High School Hosts an Open House; Ribbon-cutting

{}{}{}{} Hundreds of people turned out for a ribbon-cutting and tour of Helena High School this afternoon. Helena High School is sitting on what used to be four mines. "It was incredible watching it being built," said Helena High School Junior Chloe Brown. "We even got to walk on the mines and find pieces from left-over history. It was amazing."{}

{} {}{}{} Helena High School looks shiny and new.{} Visitors enjoy seeing the school's the tall stone symmetrical columns, wide corridors, tornado shelter, high-tech classrooms, state-of-the-art media center, sports complex, sparkling cafeteria, auditorium, gymnasium, and theater. But because the school sits on mines, design elements were included to reflect that history.

{}{}{}{} "There are some features in the building that kind of make it feel a little bit industrial.{} We tried to play with that a bit.{} We tried to play with the idea of a depot because of the railroad connection from town," said Helena High School Principal Jay Peoples.

{}{}{}{} The school became a reality after a unique partnership between Helena and the Shelby County Board of Education. Helena Mayor Mark Hall said, "We moved toward passing a bond issue of over 8 million dollars to contribute towards the fulfillment of this facility."{}

{}{}{}{} "We're very proud of what we're doing with our schools so we welcome the partnership with Helena," said Shelby County Superintendent Randy Fuller.{} {}{}

{}{}{}{} Principal Jay Peoples greeted new students, parents and visitors. His goal is to turn out high-performing students."The biggest thing we've been talking about in terms of an academic focus has been being adamant, insistent, very intentional about ACT preparedness."{} {}{}{}

{}{}{}{} More than one thousand Helena Huskies will fill Helena High School's hallways on Thursday, August 7, 2014.