Help a disabled Oxford boy win a wheelchair accessible van

A birthday wish for a Calhoun County boy can make getting to frequent doctor's appointments easier.

Noah Sartin turns 13 in May, one week after voting closes in{}an online contest to win a wheelchair accessible van.{} You can vote for him.

Noah is unable to move without assistance.{} He has a rare genetic disorder called Xq28 duplication, which limits the function of his brain and lungs.{} Noah also has Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, which causes regular seizures.

The seizures became bad when he was about nine years old.{} His mother, Metha Dover, said he a brain surgery last year was not entirely successful.

"He used to have some words that he could say, he used to be able to walk, he used to be able to eat by mouth.{} All of those things have been taken away from him now," she said.

Metha takes care of her son throughout the day and takes him to Children's Hospital in Birmingham every week, sometimes multiple times.

He is now larger than she is, and she{}is no longer able to{}lift him into their van on her own.

There is a contest leading up to Mobility Awareness Month, which is May, where three winners will receive a customized van, built with a motorized ramp to help wheelchairs in and out of the vehicle.

You can vote for Metha and Noah here.