Help a starfish


I have to say thank you to Columbia Cottage!

Kathy Hasty and the residents there as well as the staff.

They presented me with a 242 dollar donation to the American Cancer Society for the Brenda Ladun Conquer Cancer Run.

They also reminded me of the starfish story. When you set out to do something good, you focus on helping one at a time.

You may recall the story. There was a little girl walking on the beach. There were starfish stranded everywhere on the beach. There were so many they almost covered the beach.

The little girl began to pick up one at a time.

A passerby said little girl why are you trying to do that, you can't save them all. What you're doing won't make a difference in the big picture.

She replied, "it makes a difference to this one!" as she threw it back in the water.

That story brought tears to my eyes. This week has been a bit overwhelming with activities at school, work and home. I was just wondering if I was doing some of the right things.

That story reminded me, not to get overwhelmed with what I can't do... But just help out where I am.

I hope that story inspires you too!