Heroin addiction awareness gains ground

Last month on Focus at Four, we told you about a fight to save young people addicted to heroin. Many of them from over-the mountain communities and Shelby County.

Leadership Shelby County is determined to raise awareness about the problem.

The grassroots effort is picking up steam. Pretty soon a heroin awareness pamphlet will be in businesses and doctors offices throughout the county.

The pamphlet offers resources and information that parents need to know about heroin abuse. These include, facts, signs of heroin usage, and ways to get help.

On Thursday, members of Leadership Shelby County, as well as representatives from the private sector and law enforcement community, met in Pelham to discuss the plan to fight heroin abuse.

"We hope this is a quality product, and just really basic. We can get it in a lot of folks hands and that it does what we want it to, which is to educate our public," says Shelby County assistant district attorney Jill Lee. {}

Right now, the group is working to distribute these pamphlets. They also plan to take their message to the schools in Shelby County, by working with parent teacher associations in trying to spread the message about this deadly addiction.