Heroin likely to blame for latest overdose death at Tuscaloosa apartment complex

      A University of Alabama student from Vestavia Hills is dead. Another teenager is in jail facing multiple drug charges after investigators were called out to an apartment complex on an overdose. They believe heroin could be to blame.

      A{}new, nice college apartment complex isn't what many people would consider a likely place for drug activity. But Wednesday afternoon, 19 year old Baker Mims of Vestavia Hills was found unresponsive in his room at the Woodlands of Tuscaloosa and 19 year old Preston Huckabay passed out in his bed. Mims was dead.

      Investigators say Huckabay told them he and Mims had been using heroin. They found a needle believed to have been used by Mims.

      "It makes no sense. We've had those who used it and got caught trying to explain it to us. There is no good reason for it," said Captain Loyd Baker of Tuscaloosa Metro Homicide.

      Huckabay is now in jail facing three drug charges.

      Baker says one month ago, there was another overdose at the Woodlands and another college age student died from heroin.

      "Typically, we only see the result. We investigate a lot of [overdose] deaths. What we weren't used to seeing is a lot of heroin{}overdoses. That was unheard of a few years ago," said Baker.

      The Woodlands' management wouldn't comment.

      However, it seems as if heroin is already touching students' lives.

      "I{}know someone who went here who just died of an overdose," said one University of Alabama student.

      "I did have a relative who used it," said a fellow student. "It's extremely addictive. It actually makes your body addicted to the drug. It's not like you just want it. You are physically addicted to it."

      Huckabay is being held on bonds totaling $27,000.