Herzing moving forward with EMT program

From the Herzing Birmingham web site

The Birmingham campus of Herzing University has earned accreditation for a Associate of Science and Diploma in Emergency Medical Technician Paramedic programs. {}This credential validates the quality of the programs, which will be important to students as they graduate and enter the job market.{}"Our paramedic programs were developed to address the increasing demand for professionals with advanced certifications who are able to care for more seriously ill patients, and we offer certificate, diploma and advanced degree programs to help students advance in their careers," said Leo Deason, public safety department chair at Herzing University - Birmingham. "We have worked hard since the programs were launched to ensure that we earned accreditation before the first classes graduate, and we are very pleased to have succeeded in this effort."According to a news release:
  • An Emergency Medical Technician Basic certificate is a prerequisite for the Diploma program. {}
  • Students can earn this credential in a four-month program through Herzing University - Birmingham.{}
  • The Diploma program requires an average of 16 months for completion. {}
  • The Associate of Science degree in Emergency Medical Technician - Paramedic requires an average of 24 months for completion and, if they choose, graduates can continue on with their career credentials by earning a Bachelor of Science in Homeland Security with a minor in Emergency Medical Technology.
  • Applications are being accepted for classes starting in September of 2013. To learn more or register for classes, students are encouraged to contact the admissions department of Herzing University - Birmingham at (800) 596-0724 or visit the Birmingham campus web site.