High heel pain: Fixing your feet

If you wear high heels, you may be experiencing foot pain. Hammer toes, corns and calluses are some issues that may arise.A 'hammer toe' is a toe that's bent abnormally at the middle joint. You may have pain at the top of the toe, redness and swelling, or it may even be hard or painful to move the toe. A hammer toe is easier to treat sooner than later, so podiatrists say to look for early signs.{} Doctor Joy Rowland of Cleveland Clinic says, "When you're wearing those shoes and you notice some irritation on your toes, they may be an early development of a hammer toe. That's the best time to get something looked into because they will just continue to develop."Dr. Rowland says the best defense against foot problems is a good fitting shoe that's comfortable, supportive and doesn't cramp your toes.