Hobby Lobby is suing the federal government

Hobby Lobby is suing the federal government over the Affordable Care Act mandate.{}{}

Chain founder David Green says his Christian-based company should not have to pay for emergency contraceptives like the so called morning-after pill.

"We have always operated our company in a manner consistent with Biblical principles," Green said in an interview with KOKH.

Green's issue does not lie with the contraceptive mandate.{} According to Green's attorney, Kyle Duncan, his client only opposes contraceptives that "can cause early abortions."

Hobby Lobby offers contraceptive coverage in its insurance plan for employees.

The CEO of Planned Parenthood of Central Oklahoma spoke out about this issue.{} Anita Fream says there is a misconception about what the so-called morning after pill actually does.

"They prevent the release of an egg so there is nothing for the sperm to fertilize," says Fream.

Here's something that is interesting:{} Hobby Lobby's lawsuit against the federal government shows the company once provided the morning after pill as part of its insurance plan.{}

Mr. Green's attorney says that coverage was added without the knowledge of his client.{}

Hobby Lobby is asking a federal judge to issue an injunction against the health care law, which would impact the store beginning in January.

This is one of 27 similar lawsuits filed against the contraception mandate.