Holiday travel underway at Birmingham airport

For airline passengers, no big problems at Birmingham Shuttlesworth international airport yet. The official holiday travel season begins tomorrow. No huge delays or cancellations as of today though.

Airport personnel say some frustrations are to be expected as the holiday season goes on, simply because of the sheer number of travelers. But passengers must do their part and plan ahead. And the airport will do its part to keep people informed.

Airport spokeswoman Toni Bast says new airport features help move things along as well. For example, new departure level crosswalks allow easy access from the parking desk to the terminal. Also, passengers are screened at one central checkpoint .. And are then free to move from concourse to concourse. Bast says some things such as weather cannot be controlled, so she advises travelers to stay informed.

"We constantly monitor the weather and we are in constant communication with our airline carriers as well as all of our concessions and everyone involved here at the airport community. But we encourage people to check with the air carrier's. They're the ones who manage the flight operations so they are the ones who are going to have the latest information on each flight," said Bast.Even though there are few delays in Birmingham, doesn't mean that's the case for connecting flights. So check those as well.

Bast also says passengers should arrive to the airport 90 minutes prior to their scheduled departure time.