Hollywood comes to Alabama


Birmingham get ready to embrace Hollywood. For six weeks there have been actors, actresses, directors and movie makers support staff in and around Birmingham.

You may not have noticed but they have been working on the streets of Birmingham, camping out at Work Play and eating BBQ at Jim and Nicks.

I was privileged to watch a chase scene near a bridge... And see Trace Adkins in motorcycle garb performing his lines on a street in Birmingham.

The name of the movie is "Mom's Night Out". It is a comedy and supposed to be an encouragement to parents.

The Irwin Brothers brought the production to their sweet home Alabama. They also produced October Baby here as well.

While October Baby was a very serious topic, this movie is hopefully a clean refreshing escape, that should provide the viewer with plenty of laughter.

Sony is backing the movie... And the Irwin Brothers hope this will be the beginning of a Hollywood connection for Birmingham.

The movie business is lucrative and will provide many jobs. Many local people got to work on the production. And interestingly enough, they shot from 7:30 at night until 7;30 in the morning.

They are putting their faith in action. They can't remember when a good clean comedy came out of Hollywood.

Watch for the movie to come out early next year, go see it and support the movie biz in Alabama.