Holmes shows no emotion during preliminary hearing

James Holmes wore a bullet proof vest and showed no emotion during the first day of his preliminary hearing. Holmes is the man accused of carrying out a massacre at a theater in Aurora, Colorado six months ago.

Hundreds filed into the Arapahoe county courthouse, including the victims and their families. A relative of the youngest victim said, "It's like you almost have to face the devil as opposed to saying I don't want to know." Mary Ellen Hansen is a great-aunt of six year old Veronica Moser.

One of the officers who testified, cried on the stand as he described finding the child's body. Another officer teared up while describing what he found. Fifty-eight people were wounded. The officer said, "I knew I needed to get them to the hospital now. I didn't want anyone else to die."

James Holmes's appearance has changed. The orange hair is gone. Now, he has brown hair and a full beard. Just before the shooting, Holmes dropped out of the University of Colorado, where he was a graduate student and a psychiatric patient.

Legal analysts say the evidence against Holmes is so overwhelming he may accept a plea deal and never go to trial.