Holt may finally get sewer connection

The Holt community of Tuscaloosa County may finally get long overdue sewer connections.{} Leaders say they feel pretty good about a 8-point-7 million dollar grant{} that could bring sewer to the area.{} Leaders are waiting to hear back from the state.

Since Holt existed people in the area have relied on septic tanks.{}Many people say the lack of sewer has kept the area economically suppressed.

Mike Bennett, the owner of the{}Lucky Dollar{}store which just rebuilt says he had to buy{} more property and spend 10-thousand extra dollars just to put in big septic tanks required for his business.{}His neighbor across the street had to do something similar to replace his two mobile homes.

They say no businesses or developers want to come to Holt without sewer connections and they are thrilled they are one last step closer.

The county already has funding to install sewer connections through a small strip of Holt that's within the tornado path.{}{}County leaders expect to hear back from the state in about a month on the grant to expand sewer to all of Holt.