Homebound food delivery program in jeopardy

Thousands of elderly and homebound residents of Alabama don't know where their next meal will come from.

The Salvation Army is working to change that in Walker County.

Volunteers are bringing food and supplies to those, who otherwise, wouldn't be able to get them.

Once a week, Christi Flores delivers bags of groceries to Nana Sue Humbers and her sister Mary Willingham. "They're homebound. They can't get out. They don't have vehicles. They don't have family members," says Flores.Their refrigerator and freezer are empty upon arrival."The need is here," Flores remarks. "Without this program they wouldn't have food."Through a grant awarded in August, 12 homebound cases are served in Walker County by the Salvation Army. "At this point in their life they need somebody to come in, bring the food, and to show them love," says Flores.Lona Courington with The Salvation Army explains, unlike Meals on Wheels, this program features food that needs to be prepared.

"These people would not ordinarily make it to our food bank," Courington explains. "This food is 'quick prep.' We try to choose things that will be easily prepared in three to five minutes. Which is as long as they are able to stand most of the time."The grocery bags are put together with dietary needs in mind. "We try to cater to the diabetic diets, and those with low sodium requirements," says Courington.According to Courington, more than 70 families use the food bank.{} She adds, the 12 homebound cases they serve barely scratches the surface. "There's a lot more than that waiting, we know of up to 180 cases that are needing service," says Courington.Right now, she says the clock is ticking. The funding for this program runs out January 1. For Flores, she says this program is more than just delivering meals. "People that care about other people, who want to go out and serve the people in their community and show them love and show them there's hope," says Flores.

Right now, to keep the homebound food program going, they need volunteers, donations --{} and funds.

For more information, call (205)-221-7737.