Homeless man and dog get rescued

Chris Mooneyham and his dog Max. (

Two by Two Animal Rescue has tugged at the hearts of many animal lovers over the years.

Volunteers go to great lengths to rescue animals in need.

Recently... because a volunteer was trying to rescue a dog, a young man got rescued as well.

Chris Mooneyham was rescued himself. He says, "You have to duck to get through here."

He showed me his tent, where he lived with his dog Max.

Chris: "This was home it started leaking in front and back... See mildew... you lived in that? Yea.

31 Year old Chris Mooneyham... lost his wife and baby boy to a drunk driver years ago... since then... he found himself here in a tent.

CHRIS: "When my truck broke down sold it for 500 dollars bought a tent. Collected cans and did side jobs when someone would hire me."

Chris had one goal in life... that was to take care of his dog max.


CHRIS. "I didn't care about me... he had food before I had food."

But one encounter .... changed life for both Chris and Max.


Evelyn Neeley is the volunteer who found Chris. "I was driving down the road and saw dog and a man hot summer day... I offered him water for his dog he had a bowl and water I found out he was living in a tent."

Then close to Christmas... dog rescue volunteer Evelyn Neeley and the founder of Two By Two Animal Rescue Sonya smith were looking for someone to help for Christmas ... when Evelyn remembers Chris and his dog. But she had no idea how to contact him.

Evelyn. "I was telling her about the young man and his dog he called me out of the blue the next day."

Chris told me with cold wet weather... he had hit bottom and knew if not for himself but for his best bud Max... he had to reach out for help.

CHRIS: "The worst day I had to buy a dollar poncho it was cold rainy rainy so hard dog was pitiful... My feet were wet. I bundled him up and dried him off."

Sonya Smith is the founder of the animal rescue. She says, "Yeah you help mans best friend but you can't overlook man. We picked him up at his tent hair cut... Took him to target dog shampoo.... Toothpaste.... So much fun I don't think I've had a more fun Christmas."

Evelyn: "We had ham, and fixings... Fire in the fire place when I took him home I knew he wasn't going back to a tent we put him up in a hotel."

Chris: "Life is getting so much better. I just recently got a new job... Guy at thompson cabinets... Financial part."

But his first goal.. is to get to know the God he believes rescued him.

Chris: " I finally did say ok i've had enough will you help me please? A lot of wonderful things happened to me I went from being homeless living in a tent to meetinnew friends blessed me ... Taught me how to give myself to god.

Chris: "I'm caring more about myself cuz other people care about me."

If you'd like to help Chris, please call 205 982-3977, or go to Two by Two animal