Homeowners in Pelham begin cleaning up after the storm

For homeowners on Chandalar Court in Pelham, the day after Monday's powerful storm was taxing emotionally.{}"This is a mess and not much we can do about it," said George Kakoliris.{}Kakoliris explained just how extensive the water damage was to his home.{}"All of this is ruined except for the two Ottomans. Fortunately, we didn't have a lot of stuff down here. Last time we decided not to put a lot of stuff down here.""It just happened quick{<}" said Connie Kakoliris. "At first, we watched it come in the front door. Then it started coming in the back. It just happened fast." {}In addition to that, ten inches of flood water also made its way into the families dishwasher. There was even water in his dryer. The bottom floor of his townhouse is damp and soggy.{}Like many of the families in the neighborhood, Kakoliris hopes to at least salvage a few pictures from a photo album also caught in the flood.{}"That was a trip to Greece...back in 1971," Kakoliris explained.{}He says he has flood insurance but says he hasn't had many interactions with his insurance company so he doesn't know how smooth or difficult the process will be.{}A few houses down, Jeremy Blanton and his fiance were cleaning up too. For this couple, the flood couldn't have come at a worse time. The two are moving to Orange Beach.{}"We have a moving truck out there and the flood came in and we wound up having to leave," said Blanton. "Its definitely heartbreaking. "{}