Homewood City Council denies hotel an extension to continue operating

A Homewood hotel plagued by problems must close by the end of the week.City leaders considered an extension for America's Best Value Inn and Suites, but denied the request.The council's decision was unanimous City leaders say the hotel must end operations in three days despite ADMA's request to keep it open another year.The owners of{} America's Best Value Inn & Suites, hoping to get a word in.No word and no extension. The Homewood City Council said it would consider a request by the owners to keep the hotel in operation one more year... But.. City Council President, Bruce Limbaugh says, "They chose not to give them an extension because this was already negotiated in June to extend it to July 31, 2014."Mayor Scott McBrayer says, "The hotel owners wanted to extend the time to do something with their property."Limbaugh says, 'I don't think they were able to move that quickly."The council voted not to renew the hotel's license earlier this year because police have responded to more than 100 calls there. But, the owners filed a lawsuit to stay in business and a temporary restraining order was granted.{} The mayor says Monday's decision is a reflection of what the community wants. "It was unanimous which speaks very clearly and very loudly what this community expects."{}And Tanya Phillips, who works across the street at the Chevron, couldn't be more pleased."I'm all for it, we've seen a lot of meth labs. Homewood went over there and busted a lot of stuff up, prostitution, fights from over there come on our lot. It needs to close down."

The owners sent us this statement:

"We feel that we have been unethically and unfairly mistreated by the city of Homewood in their lack of effort in working with us. The property has already been listed for sale. We requested for an extension in time to continue operating so we would not have to board up the windows and barb-wire fence the entire property. Due to the broad visibility of our property and location, an abandoned building right off the interstate will create a major eyesore and will diminish property value for neighboring businesses and residential areas as well. We have always gone above and beyond to comply and cooperate with the police to help clean up our community. In fact, we have audio and video evidence to support the fact that there has been no wrongdoing on our part in any manner whatsoever, and most importantly that we are not the problem. We cannot control the behavior of other people and we do not have the resources to perform criminal background checks on our guests. The denial at the city council meeting today will not only create a negative impact to our business, but also to the neighboring businesses and residential areas. We would like the opportunity to share our side of the story at a later time in further detail."