Homewood hotel fights back in court to keep its license

A hearing today in a Jefferson County courtroom began a legal battle between a hotel and the city of Homewood on whether it can stay open. After nearly 150 violent calls, the city council shut down America's Best Value Inn and Suites - off I-65 on Oxmoor Road in Homewood. Now, it's chances of staying open are in the hands of a judge.{}

There has been nearly 150 violent crime calls at the hotel since 2012.

"When we started analyzing it, it literally worked out to be once a week," Bruce Limbaugh, Homewood Council President said.

Two weeks ago, the Homewood City Council decided not to renew the America's Best Value Inn and Suites license. Council President, Bruce Limbaugh, told us the city wants to see business growth, but this was a matter of public safety.

"When we started studying them, it was the kinds of behavior that none of us want to see corporately in our communities," Limbaugh said. "We regretfully made that decision."

City Attorney Mike Kendrick told us the hotel filed a lawsuit against the city to stay in business. Judge Helen Shores Lee is considering a temporary restraining order and by Friday will rule whether it can stay open.{}

We called, and the hotel is still taking reservations - even past this Friday.{}

"Hopefully the judge will make the kind of decision we are hoping for and validate the denial that we determined a week ago last Thursday. That's our hope," Limbaugh said.

{}We tried speaking with the hotel owners, but no one was available for comment. {}We also asked the hotel's attorney for a statement, but he responded with "no comment."