Homewood hotel license not renewed after recent violence

Dozens of violent crime calls at a Homewood hotel - led the city council to put an end to the ''America's Best Inn and Suites" license. Businesses say crime at the hotel has caused the demise of the West Oxmoor area. They're hoping it will stay closed for good.{}The America's Best Inn and Suites at Oxmoor and I-65 has had nearly 150 violent crime calls in just 2 and a half years. Thursday night, the council voted 6-3 not to renew the license. {}Nearby business owners are hoping crime here will drop.{}"I've always felt safe here, I don't feel safe here now," Connie Akers, Oxmoor Barber and Style Shop said.Connie Akers has seen quite a bit come and go in the 23 years of the Oxmoor Barber and Style Shop"You see them getting in cars," Akers said. "I've seen two or three get picked up right in front of the barber shop."She told us, the area around her shop has diminished - creating a crime wave.{}"It's just bad," Akers said. "People really don't understand how bad it is around here now. I was very glad they did it. I'm sorry they are going to lose their business license, I don't like to see anyone's business go under, it's sad, but they've got to take care of their business."The problems hit the owner of Valley Tire, Pat Harmon in the pocket."We've had some break-ins, not a lot, but one or two break-ins that may have not came from there," Harmon said.After a couple break-ins, he lost nearly $30,000."You hate to see a place that big right next to you close, it's getting to be a ghost town around here if it does, you know?" Harmon said."There were acts of violence and a lot of standard and routine service calls more so than any other business we have," Scott McBrayer, Homewood Mayor said.Mayor McBrayer told us, the entire area surrounding the hotel needs to be addressed. "Anytime we have a particular area that is giving us challenges, it's something we are going to address and I think last night's meeting proved that,' McBrayer said.Business owners say they're hoping the hotel's closure will improve safety.{}"Maybe it'll make it safer and we won't have it coming up and down our sidewalks," Akers said.Mayor McBrayer says Homewood Police are actively patrolling this area. We went inside the hotel earlier, but the managers were not available for comment.