Homewood police: Woman allegedly assaulted, kidnapped Tuesday night

HOMEWOOD, Alabama --Police in Homewood are looking for a man accused of holding a woman against her will. The attack happened in the Court DeVille area. Investigators hope to get the attacker off the streets. They are putting their energy into finding him, so refused to talk to ABC 33/40 on camera.

Eric Tyson considers where he lives a good place. Something piqued his interest this week.

"It was kind of strange due to the fact where there aren't a lot of people due to a recent storm," said Tyson.

He was watching television in his apartment near Court DeVille when a woman screamed.

"It was just like one loud scream. I did not take it as someone being in trouble," added Tyson.

Tyson waited to hear more screams to help determine if someone needed help. But, he got only one.

"It was loud. It was a loud female scream. There are usually kids playing here, so we thought kids were playing," added Tyson.

Officers from the Homewood Police Department showed up. A spokesman for the department confirms a woman was in trouble. Officers are investigating an assault and kidnapping.

"She was coming from one area heading into another. It was dark you know,' added Tyson.

Tyson told ABC 33/40 there are no lights in some areas near his apartment.

"She said he came from this apartment and he grabbed her to try to bring her down to this apartment which was empty and vacant," added Tyson.

Tyson's memory matches what police put in the woman's report.

Police are looking for a man between 5' 10" and 6'. The woman told officers the man had a medium build. Police want to hear from anyone who knows anything. The number to call is 205-332-6200.