Homicide in East Lake, family identifies victim

"We're hearing that someone just walked inside the barber shop, took aim and started firing," Robert Walker said. "Panic broke-out inside the barber shop and the guys got away."

Walker is the vice president for the East Lake community. He can't believe someone would walk into the Still Stand N' Barber and Style Shop, open fire and kill one of the barbers.

"That's what I was hearing...that he was cutting a young man's hair at the time that the guy started shooting," he said.

Police got the call around nine, Friday morning.

Once on scene they found, who family members are identifying as 38-year-old Randell Sanders, dead. Family did not want to talk on camera, but others who knew him say he was a great person.

"He was a neighborhood guy," Walker said. "Everybody loved him."

"He's a good barber," Michael Tripp said. "He's a good dude when you're in there talking to him. He was a good guy to me."

Tripp has been a customer at the barber shop for the last five years. His most recent haircut was Tuesday.

"Glad I wasn't in there getting my hair cut [today]," Tripp said.

He says it doesn't make sense why someone would do this.

"They're some nice guys," he said. "I don't think they'd be in no trouble with somebody wanting to kill them."

According to Birmingham Police Sgt. Johnny Williams, one suspect did flee the scene following the shooting. No arrests have been made.

Birmingham Police are encouraging anyone with information to come forward.