Honora Gathings welcomes baby girl

Babies just make you smile. And when you feel like they are in your family, you smile even more!

That's why all of us are so happy for ABC 3340's Honora Gathings and her husband Jonathan. They welcomed Honora Stephana into the world Monday afternoon. She weighed five pounds eleven ounces, and is 19 and half inches long. More importantly, she is perfect in the eyes of mom and dad.

"I'm looking forward to the everyday. Just watching her grow and learn and teaching her things, seeing who she ends up looking like, whose personality she has, and ultimately one day what she ends up becoming," said Honora.

Stephana is the first grandchild on both sides of the family. As for the name, she carries on a Gathings tradition. Grandma, mom and baby are each named Honora Stephana.