Honoring my old friend

@{} Copper was more than a beagle!{} He was a friend to all in our family.{} He was a friend to most visitors walking through the door.

{} We lost him after 13 years.{} Recently it has come to my attention that there are a lot of dogs in need of homes.

{}{}I am thinking the best way to honor our old friend is to adopt a new one.{}{} Beagles are amazing.... maybe you could join me.

Are you ready to be a hero to a furry friend? Starting in July, you might not be able to resists adopting a new friend, because of a special promotion.

Shelby Humane Society will hold it's the third annual adoption event for the month of July.

In celebration of Independence Day, all adoption fees will be $17.76 to encourage everyone to adopt a homeless pet from the Humane Society.

Fees will be waived entirely for Active Military and Veterans.

The person to speak with is Sara Shirley. She is the director of the Shelby Humane Society.

205.669.3916 ext 29 {<}Tel:205.669.3916%20ext%2029{>}. {<}mail{>}