Hoover bus cuts causing parents to look at other districts

The Hoover City School system continues to evaluate what could happen next year when it eliminates the school bus system. Some people have warned that there will be a decrease in enrollment,{} because many parents need a way to get their children to and from school.

Some parents aren't waiting for Hoover city schools to figure out transportation issues for next fall. They are moving now. In some cases,{} that means literally moving.

A source in Birmingham schools tells ABC 33/40 at least three families have taken their children out of Hoover schools and enrolled them in a Birmingham school.

Glen Iris Elementary school in Birmingham certainly doesn't have a shortage of students. The school recently added three more to the roster. Three families, one black and two Hispanic, removed their children from Hoover and enrolled them in Birmingham specifically because Birmingham has a transportation service.

Hoover City Schools spokesperson, Jason Gaston, says he understands situations vary from family to family. He says if Hoover's decision to cut bus service places families in a financial bind, he respects their decision to take their children to other districts that do provide bus service.

A principal who works in the Birmingham school system, tells me he anticipates even more students will transfer into Birmingham schools at the start of the fall 2014 school year. That's when Hoover bus services will officially end.

Hoover school leaders have said the cuts will save some $2.5 million. Even with the savings, the system's proposed budget for the 2014 fiscal year includes $17 million in deficit in spending.

Hoover school board member Stephen Presley has said in the past two option are on the table:

One - provide a fee-based third party transportation service.

Two - would need permission from the state department of education to charge students to ride a Hoover school bus system.

Gaston says Hoover parents would know sometime this fall if the plan for a third party system will be solidified.