Hoover community comes up with re-zoning plan

The Hoover Superintendent met with more parents concerned about the proposed elementary rezoning plan.Some Lake Cyrus residents are questioning the plan's logistics, but the community has come up with an idea they believe could be a solution pleasing several neighborhoods.The community formed a committee and it has proposed an alternative it believes will reduce over and under capacity schools, provide balance in{}socioeconomic diversity and keep families in their current schools."We're trying to band together."And these bows and flyers show neighbors in Lake Cyrus uniting."Maybe we can persuade him to leave us where we're at." Richard Maddox says he wants his children to remain at Deer Valley Elementary. But, the Hoover School System's proposed rezoning plan would send them to Trace Crossings. "Deer valley is 2, 3 miles away. Trace Crossings will double that."Resident Ann Eubank says, "The population has grown, but you're going past two schools to go to a third one, that's not a good idea."But Tuesday night, Lake Cyrus Residents came up with a way they believe would make that extra drive a benefit for everyone in the long run.Parent, Autumn Jeter, says "So all of the children in this Hoover Eastern cluster, the Brocks Gap, Hoover High feeder pattern that feed into hoover high will attend the new, hopefully Hoover K1 Academy."The proposal houses Kindergarten, First Grade and possibly Pre-K at Trace Crossings. "It will allow for space at our present elementary schools, Deer Valley and South Shades Crest and from there everyone can stay in their community schools."Superintendent Andy Craig says the plan has a lot of merit."I think what they've put together, we're all trying to accomplish the same things and that's position our schools to be successful, all schools. I like various aspects of it. The way it narrows the change down to one feeder pattern "Superintendent Craig says he'll take a closer look at the logistics of the plan. A re-zoning proposal is expected to be presented to the board September 8th.No vote will be made. There will be a window for feedback and the board will be working with the Justice Department.