Crews fight woods fire in Hoover

A woods fire quickly spread across 3 acres of land in Hoover, before crews were able to contain the blaze.

ABC 3340 crews spoke to Hoover Fire Department Officer Rusty Lowe at the scene of the fire. Officer Lowe said, his department received a call around 10:30 Saturday night about a woods fire off Highway 150 near Shades Crest Road.

Crews discovered the fire spreading behind the businesses near Interstate 459 and Highway 150. Officer Lowe says, initially the department called the Forest Service for assistance. But the call was canceled after the winds began to calm.{} At that point, Hoover Fire crews were able to contain the fire in about an hour.

Crews say they will continue to monitor the area throughout the night for hotspots.

Investigators are not able to say how the fire began.{} The cause of the fire remains under investigation.