Hoover Firefighters, Comedy Club raise money for Camp Conquest

Every year, more than 170 children are treated in the Children's of Alabama burn center. Monday night, the Hoover Fire Department and the Comedy Club Stardome are making sure the young people are cared for and also, {}have a little fun along the way.They say laughter is sometimes the best medicine."You have to believe that because I believe healing takes place within the soul first and then makes itself outward," John Morgan, Ragin' Cajun, Comedian said.For the children at Camp Conquest, it's one of the main ingredients."It allows them to build friendships and see that they can conquer anything," Scotty Roberson, Camp Director said.The camp provides an escape for children treated at the burn unit at children's hospitals - locally and {}in neighboring states. The average hospital stay of a severely burned child is over a week - longer than most any other pediatric condition."When there is a burned child who will have scars for the rest of their life, or maybe some physical disability because of the burns, sometimes they may not feel comfortable going to camp with other kids," Rusty Lowe, Hoover Fire Dept. said.Every summer, children from ages 6-17 get a week away from the doctors appointments and the hospitals for some kid time."They love the camaraderie, they love to make friends with other kids who go through the same things they do," Roberson said.Monday night, Hoover firefighters and the Comedy Club Stardome are using that same laughter - and a silent auction - featuring football memorabilia - to help raise money for camp conquest."This donation to the camp may allow more campers to attend, or it also allows that maybe if there is a child out there that can't afford their pressure garments they need for their burns, this can be used for that as well," Lowe said."When the heart is happy and the mind is clear, and there's nothing but joy within the individual, that's when things begin to take place," Morgan said.The Hoover Fire Department says the event will raise more than $15,000 for Camp Conquest.