Hoover K9's nose takes him across the Southeast

Many people would love to get a behind the scenes look at major events, like the Super Bowl. It's a Hoover's dog job to be among the first to check out the venues.

Hans has a Hoover Police Department uniform, badge, and his own weapon.

"If something's there, he'll find it," said Officer Lee Love, Hans' partner.

Hans'{}nose and ability to detect explosives has taken him and Officer Love across the Southeast from bank robberies to yards searching for bullet casings. On Wednesday, he covered several floors at the Jefferson County courthouse after a{}bomb threat.

"Where ever we're needed we'll go," said Officer Love.

Their{}work has taken the duo to{}multiple Super Bowls, a baseball playoff, {}the Republican National Convention and all home Bama football games.

"It's nice to go but there's a lot of work involved behind the scenes.{}I went to one of the Super Bowls, and{}I think{}I was inside the stadium probably ten minutes," said Officer Love.{}

Hans can detect 1900 different explosives and sitting on the job isn't a{}good sign. That's how he signals the discovery of an explosive.

His motivation? Food according to Officer Love. Hans is a food reward dog. He must find something explosive whether at an active scene or part of training to eat.

But his first intended{}job was as a guide dog. Hans pulled too hard, so ATF trained him as a bomb dog and he joined the Hoover Police Department.

Officer Love says Hans is a great partner even if other dogs in blue don't agree.

"We work with other departments that have shepherds and malawas that aren't friendly. He doesn't understand every dog doesn't want to be a buddy," he said.

But Officer Love certainly doesn't mind saying Hans is "like having another child."

Hans hasn't been asked to help out for this year's Super Bowl. But his partner hasn't ruled out a trip just yet.