Hoover Police arrest bank robbery suspect

Robert Sproul III

Hoover Police havearrested a suspect which they believe robbed the BBVA Compass Bank, located at1506 Montgomery Highway, on June 28, 2012.{}Robert Sproul III, of Hoover, has been charged with Robbery 3rdDegree for the Hoover crime.{} He is alsobeing held on warrants for crimes committed in Vestavia Hills.

Sproul III is beingheld on a $15,000 bond at the Jefferson County Jail.

On Thursday, June 28,2012, shortly after 3pm, a robbery occurred at the BBVA{}Compass Bank locatedat 1560 Montgomery Highway. A single white male{}approached a bankteller, announced the robbery, and then fled the scene. No{}weapons wereexhibited during the robbery.