Hoover police make arrest in rush of overnight burglaries in Ross Bridge community

Elijah Gaines

Imagine turning off your TV at night, going to bed and waking up to discover it's gone along with your phone and computer. Police in Hoover arrested a thief that struck in the night while their victims were sleeping.

Investigators say it's all the result of break-ins. Some in Ross Bridge will sleep easier knowing there's been an arrest. These aren't your typical break-ins. Investigators consider what is happening to be a crime that is bold, brazen and dangerous. A dozen people have been spooked in the last 24 hours.

Two Ross Bridge homeowners alerted police someone broke into their home overnight.

"This was very concerning that we had people who were so bold and brazen to come into someone's home at night while they slept," said Hoover Police Captain Gregg Rector.

Thieves entered the homes through unlocked doors and garages.

Hoover Police Captain Gregg Rector has fought crime 25 years. The overnight break-ins opened his eyes a little wider.

"When we have this type crime occur and people are at home, sleeping or not, the risk is much greater there will be confrontation and there will be terrible outcomes," added Captain Rector.

Investigators documented missing TVs, computers, phones, cash, credit cards, guns and more.

Police arrested Elijah Gaines. He's charged with burglary and theft of property.

People who live in the subdivision also found 11 cars vandalized and discovered another was taken.

Gaines' arrest won't make police close their case focused on Ross Bridge.

"There was a significant amount of items taken from two homes and cars broken into. It clearly is more than one involved and we are very well aware of that," added Captain Rector.

Police expect to soon put more charges on Gaines. Police arrested Gaines in August 2013 and charged him with rape. He was indicted in{} April 2014.