Hoover police chief victim of domestic violence, mayor's office confirms

Hoover Police Chief Nick Derzis

Hoover Police Chief Nick Derzis was the victim of domestic violence earlier this month, the mayor's office confirmed.

Mayor Gary Ivy released the following statement Friday afternoon:

A domestic incident occurred on 2/10/14 involving Chief Nick Derzis at his home.{} The Hoover Police Department investigated this incident and determined that Chief Derzis was the victim of domestic violence.{} The person who is alleged to have committed this offense was arrested on the scene and Chief Derzis contacted me to report the incident.

Chief Derzis is not accused of committing any crime or violating any personnel policy of the City of Hoover.{} I'm certain this entire matter is embarrassing to both parties, but this is a personal matter for Chief Derzis and a legal matter for his companion.

This situation will now be resolved through our judicial system and it is not appropriate for me to comment further.{} It's being handled just like any of the other 200 or so domestic violence arrests that our police department make each year.