Hoover Residents concerned over proposed development

Some people in Hoover neighborhoods are upset over getting new neighbors. The Hoover Planning and Zoning Commission approved rezoning of land near their homes, for a new housing development. Now, smaller lots could be on the way to their community.

There was plenty of anger over the Hoover Planning and Zoning Commission's vote to rezone 66 acres near Hoehn Drive.

Jim Moon opposes the rezoning. He says "I don't agree with the process. I think there was a decision made before we even walked in here and I don't think it made a lot of difference no matter what we said."

Commissioners were even handed a petition with more than a thousand signatures opposing the rezoning. The decision comes after a handful of meetings.Signature homes wants to build 109 houses and has made many changes following three public hearings, like reducing the number of houses from 151. Still, many people in surrounding neighborhoods have reservations about the proposed development.

Peggy McGimsey says "The proposed homes are much smaller than what are in our neighborhood and other neighborhoods that back up to this proposed development."

There are also concerns about the traffic impact on Caldwell Mill Road, even though there has been a discussion about adding turning lanes. Environmental impact on the land is another issue raised by residents.

Dwight Sandlin, Signature Homes CEO "That was out entire plan, was to minimize the impact so that what we put in would be nice and valuable to everyone."

The developer says they exceeded the zoning requirements and intend to make sure at least 40-percent of the property is undisturbed.

Hoover's School Superintendent spoke in favor of the re-zoning. Signature Homes representatives told people that they will continue to work with surrounding neighborhoods. But, many people still wanted to see the land preserved.