Hoover School Board hears feedback regarding school bus cuts

People balking at putting the brakes on buses packed Monday's Hoover School Board meeting.

The board encouraged people to offer suggestions on improving the district's financial problems. Dozens of people focused on the importance of keeping school buses running.

Attorney for the city school board said, "If there are better solutions, the board will reset its course."

Parents, bus drivers, and residents shared more concerns about losing school bus transportation.

Catrena Carter went before the Hoover School Board, asking how she'll be able to get her three{}sons to three different schools on time. "How are you going to educate children that can't get to you?"

A bus driver mentioned this comment, "I think the chief concern over and above the budget and money matters is the safety of children."

From hiring private bus companies, to what to do in inclement weather.. worries fueled on.

Another parent said this, "there will be an increase in traffic, potential accidents."

People even requested to see school financial records and offered possible solutions.

Bus Driver Claudia Davis said, "We need to go back to city of Hoover and ask them to give us 16% of sales tax that they did do before 2005."

The School Board says getting rid of buses would save the district 2.5 million dollars. Board leaders took notes and informed the public they would consider the suggestions.

Superintendent Andy Craig says, "Whatever variations are considered would still have that focus on reducing that local subsidy, reducing the amount of resources to sponsor the program, over and above the state funding that's involved."

There will be a public forum on this issue August 8th at Spain park High school beginning at 7:00 p.m.

Superintendent Andy Craig and his staff are expected to give a financial presentation at the meeting.