Hope for a new cancer drug

There is new news in the cancer community and it's exciting. The food and drug administration may be close to approving a revolutionary new cancer vaccine. It's designed for men with prostate cancer. But it has great ramifications for people battling different types of cancer.{}

What is so great about this new vaccine is that it is different from harsher treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation. The vaccine is named Provenge. Here's how doctors say it works... it stimulates the body's own immune system to fight cancer cells. Men with advanced prostate cancer who took Provenge lived four and a half months longer, according to early clinical trials. Some men gained an extra two or three years of life after the treatment, and the only side effects were mild flu-like symptoms. What is good is that, the drug apparently works to build up the immune system instead of tearing it down. Let's hope and pray this new drug could be a big step toward wiping out all cancers for good!