Hope Project Adoption

{}If you've ever considered adopting, you may be interested in Brandy Dahlen's story. She lost her 2 year old Abigail last April. A neighbor backed over the child while she was playing outside.

Brandy has certainly mourned. But she says she also reached up for God's help to get her through. After praying about it, she felt God lead her to adopt a child from Eastern Europe.

{}In a recent interview Brandy said. "It's so clearly commanded to us in the Bible that we should take care of the orphans we feel like for our family that means adoption... I hope people will see this and will feel the need to go take care of these kids."

{}She is in the process of adopting a little girl and that little girl's best friend is a little boy. They will soon turn 4 years old. When that happens the children are sent to another facility. In that facility teens are housed with the 4 year old. Brandy tells us from her research, many children don't survive their first year in that facility.

{}She wants to remind us all, that if you can offer a loving home to a child, you just might save a life.

Brandy and her friend Tammy Wollner are launching the Hope Project. Hope was Abigail's middle name. She wants to help raise money for these orphans and keep the project going to help others adopt as well.

{}February 26th, the women are planning a big festival at Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church. They will have fun and games for children along with face painting and more. It runs from 7 am until noon.