Horse trail ride to benefit Munford and East Providence volunteer firefighters

Two Talladega County fire departments will swap their ladder trucks for saddles in a fundraiser Saturday.Munford and East Providence are hosting a Dual Fire Department Trail Ride.{} Participation costs $10 for the six hour group horse ride.East Providence chief Grady Miller said this is a new venture for his department, as they explore different types of fundraising opportunities."A lot of times we do roadblocks downtown, we'll get out and do roadblocks, and then we do bake sales," Miller said."Anything we can come up with to generate some funds to get more equipment and gear.{} It's quite expensive," he said."We are volunteer.{} Funds are limited."Kelvin Walker of Munford suggested the group trail ride.{} He participated in several similar trail rides when he was a child."It's just something I wanted to do with my hometown," Walker said."Friday night, starting at 6 o'clock, we'll be offering camping.{} There will be a bonfire, there will be a big hay ride."Firefighters will serve breakfast Saturday at 7 a.m., and riders will mount their horses at 9 a.m.Walker said the goal is for at least 100 horses and riders.{} The person who travels the farthest to get to the ride will win $50, and the 100th person to enter the ride will also win $50.For more information, contact Kelvin Walker at 256.499.0950 or Jeremy Watts at 256.375.8249.