Labor and delivery unit at Demopolis hospital facing closure, city fighting to keep it open

Bryan Whitfield Memorial Hospital in Demopolis, Ala. (BWMH Photo/Facebook)

People in Demopolis are trying to keep the labor and delivery unit at Bryan Whitfield Memorial Hospital open after the board voted earlier this month for its closure to cut spending.

Demopolis Mayor Michael Grayson tells ABC 33/40 the city council and county commission are making a joint effort in requesting the hospital to delay the closing by 60 days, which would allow both groups to assess the situation and find a way to help keep the unit open permanently. Councilors and commissioners will meet Thursday night to further discuss the matter.

Hospital officials have informed the city that the closing will go on as expected unless a $68,000 payment to keep the unit open for an additional two months is made by Friday. If the payment isn't made, the hospital is expected to close the unit at the end of the month. If labor and delivery closes, expecting mothers would be forced to travel long distances to hospitals in Tuscaloosa, Selma or Meridian, Miss. to give birth or do so in the emergency room at BWM Hospital.

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