Host of "The Chew" makes a special visit to Talladega Nascar fans

Chef Mario Batali, co-host of ABC's "The Chew", snaps a picture of a stuffed turkey cooked by a fan at Talladega Saturday. (

Tens of thousands of race fans sped into Talladega this weekend for two days full of races. Crowds of over 100 thousand are expected to roll into the area this weekend.

Mario Batali from ABC's "The Chew" went around from trailer to trailer tasting good food from Talladega Nascar fans.

Batali's filming parts of an ABC special that will be aired later this month called "The Ultimate BBQ Cookout Countdown".

The special will highlight the best BBQ places in the country and Talladega made the list.

Batali says, "I always have a good time in the Nascar nation but Talladega is a special spot that has a remarkably vivid late night life. And I love to be a part of it, and its great fun. And it's really all about the fabric of American culture and how we weave our leisure into our deliciousness and have a good time and have a really enjoyable share about the whole experience."

You can{}watch "The Ultimate BBQ Cookout Countdown" on ABC 33/40 May 25th at 9pm.