House committee takes on Water Works Board bill

The overhaul of the Birmingham Water Works Board bill may not have reached a boiling point yet. Tuesday, a House committee will take up the measure to add more seats and limit the power of the board.

Before the committee meets to consider the legislation, sponsors Representative Paul DeMarco, (R) Homewood, and Senator Jabo Waggoner, (R) Vestavia Hills, will talk about updates to it.

As the bill stands, it would allow Birmingham to keep control of the board. But it would add three seats giving representation to customers in Jefferson, Walker, Blount, St. Clair and Shelby Counties.

Currently, the Birmingham City Council appoints all members.

It would also require public hearings prior to any rate increase and cap the pay of the board members.

Senate passed the measure. It now must pass the House. The Birmingham Democrats on the Jefferson County Delegation could make that difficult.