House fire kills two people


A house caught fire in Jefferson County around two o'clock{}Saturday morning, killing two people inside. Several fire departments responded to that call on Altadena Forest Circle.

"It's sad when it's someone you know."{}A scary and heart breaking moment for neighbors on Altadena Forest Circle overnight. Sarah Ivey said "The neighbor across the street called the fire department because he heard a popping sound."

Jonathan Green, who lives next door, woke up because his dog started barking. "There was a hose team in the front door, a hose team on the side and a guy upstairs breaking out windows.

But despite firefighters efforts, The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office says two people didn't make it out.

Ivey says "They suffered a lot, they didn't have an easy life. But some conversations I had with Greg, I know he was a Christian, he's in a much better place and he's not suffering anymore." Ivey could not hold back the tears. "I visited with them often, they were very kind."

Neighbors say one of the men was disabled. Jonathan Green says "It's a sad situation. I would hand it to the fire department, they were from what{}I could tell, on the scene shortly after they received the call and did everything they could."

The Rocky Ridge Fire Department says the State Fire Marshall reports the fire cause is related to smoking. The Sheriff's Office has not released the names of the victims.