House fire turned into an act of heroism


It didn't take long for a spark at 4th Ave W. to burst into a massive house fire. The people inside, had a more difficult time than most trying to get out - the elderly man is in a wheelchair, but the woman taking care of him was able to pull him to safety."The house just caught on fire," Ricky Williams, the man who was rescued said. "I mean, there's nothing else really I can say. The house started popping in the back and it caught fire.""The sofa in the back caught on fire," Felicia McDonald, a friend said. "All she was trying to do was run and save him and put it out with the fire extinguisher and couldn't do it. The next thing she knew, the house was in flames but she got him out! And she got burned."The woman's friend told us, the two have been friends since high school and since he became paralyzed, she's taken care of him.In trying to save him, she was burned on her neck, shoulder, and back."She's our hero," McDonald said. "Now we have to go and support her and make sure she's ok.""It's significant," Decimus Williamson, Birmingham Battalion Chief said. "We always have to remind people you have to have an exit plan in the home in case you house catches fire. In particular if you have an individual who is wheelchair or bed bound. You have to go through other efforts to make sure that you can rescue them."