House nearly complete for McDonald Chapel tornado survivor

A 2011 tornado survivor will soon have new house more than three years after his old one was{}heavily damaged. It's an update to a story we've been following for more than a year. A Jefferson County deputy found Earcy Tucker living in a McDonald Chapel home gutted by storms.He's a humble man who never asked for help or asked us to tell his story... and what a story.Tucker says "It's just a wonderful feeling, God has been really good."{}Lt. Felicia Rucker Sumerlin found Earcy Tucker living in his tornado damaged house.. covered in mold with barely a ceiling and no power.. no water."What I see now, I feel good, because a year ago, he couldn't come home and fix a meal."{}The news brought support from Jefferson County Sheriff Deputies to complete strangers. Dennis Flowers with the United Methodist Disaster Team says, "I knew it wasn't going to be something we could repair." The team built him a new house with grant money and donations. In January.. a groundbreaking and now... a nearly finished 2 bedroom 1 bathroom house... with quite the view. Tucker says, it's been a beautiful thing to have met people who had their heart and concern to come out and lend a helping hand." Sumerlin says, "I ride by here all the time and look at it. I'm amazed." There's still much to do.. like painting, installing the floor, cabinets and appliances. Hopefully a tornado will never impact Tucker again, but if one should come his way, he'll have a safe place to go. A storm shelter will be built into this hill and hold up to six people." Tucker says, "If some of the neighbors need a place to feel secure, they're welcome to come." A thankful man, so grateful to those who have changed his life. Flowers says, "It's really kind of gratifying sometimes to see how you've taken somebody that really didn't expect anything and all of a sudden they have a new place to live. Tucker says, "It already feels like home to me." Recent tornadoes have pulled some volunteers away from the project. If you would like to help out, call Lori Feist at 205-226-7909. Crews hope to complete the house by mid June.