House Speaker Mike Hubbard says Bham School System issue is "simply appalling"

House Speaker Mike Hubbard

House Speaker Mike Hubbard reacted Wednesday to the Birmingham School System's current issues by saying "What is happening with the Birmingham school system is simply appalling". He also says it is a prime example of why the state needs more student focused education reforms.

Speaker Hubbard went on to say "The conversation stopped being about what's best for the students a long time ago, and that needs to change. I support Dr. Bice's and Dr. Richardson's efforts to deal with the financial debacle that is unfolding, and I stand ready to empower them legislatively with more tools to clean up the mess if necessary."{}"However, we need to work proactively to prevent situations like this from happening in the first place. Alabama has taken major strides in improving our schools, but we still have too many policies that place the whims of the bureaucracy over the needs of students. I'm committed to working in the Legislature to change that so parents, not politicians, have more say over their children's education."