Housing Authority executive director fired

Marshall Jackson

The executive director of the Housing Authority of the Birmingham District no longer has a job. The board just overwhelming voted to terminate her.During Monday's monthly meeting, executive director Naomi Truman was put under a steady line of questions from board members about Marks Village. Questions were raised about the future of the complex and about the proposed investment of reserve funds for beautification work. She was also asked when people would be temporarily moved because of a gas smell.Board members put on their coats and appeared to be adjourning when one board member made a motion to fire Truman. Only one board member voted against it.Truman immediately collected her belongings and left.Board Chairman Charles Townsend says he cannot comment on the reasons for her termination. But he says it has nothing to do with the Marks Village gas explosion that killed one person in December or the aftermath of it. He indicated the board wanted an executive director they believed in and could stand behind.Associated HABD attorney Marshall Jackson was named interim director. She has provided legal counsel for the housing authority for 12 years.