How do your children enjoy a snow day?

For some, Tuesday's snow day was spent out in the element, rolling up snowballs and throwing them at each other.

Billy Brown would rather see his two children in school in Cullman County, but agrees it's fun to be out, spending time with his boys.

"It's kind of hard with the kids being out of school and stuff," he said. "But, it's good to get out and play with them and let them enjoy the snow and let them have a good time."

In Jefferson County there was no school...but no snow.

It left many parents, like Lane Butler, spending the day at places like the McWane Science Center.

"If I'm going to miss work, at least I get to spend time with the girls," she said.

Her six-year-old daughter, Lila, is OK with that.

"It's, like, really cool," she said. "We don't get snow much."

Moms Casey Hughes and Natalie Corey were still "on the clock," Tuesday.

"It's a great opportunity for [children] to learn," Corey said. "Also, we are able to work here while they're learning."

They brought eight children to McWane, but, shhh, they're actually learning part of their school curriculum.

"We get to count it as E-learning for our school system," Hughes said. "They get three hours towards our E-learning credit."

Another hotspot, Tuesday, was the movie theater.

Jennifer Hagler says this time around she's thankful for no snow and no ice.

"We survived two weeks ago at our houses for a long time," she said. "The movies seemed like the best place to go."